The interjection 嗨
An interjection (感叹词) is a word or expression that occurs as an utterance on its own and expresses a spontaneous feeling or reaction. It expresses feelings and emotions but does not name them. It is usually placed at the beginning of a sentence.
The interjection can express different emotions: 1) joy, confidence. It can be translated as “wow” or “yeah!”.
Yeah, us workers have strength!
hāi, zánmen gōngrén yǒu lìliàng
Wow, your sister is really cool!
hāi, nǐ jiějie zhēn bàng
2) annoyance, regret. Can be translated as “eh” or “oh”.
Eh, what a poor guy he is!
hāi, tài kělián
Oh, how will I solve so many problems?
hāi, wǒ xiànzài zěnme chǔlǐ nàme duō de wèntí ne
Also, 嗨 is used as a greeting, because it’s phonetically the same as the English word “Hi”.
Hi, where are you going?
hāi, qù nǎlǐ
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