The doubling of nouns
The doubling of nouns expresses the plural form of a noun and means “everybody”, “each”.
The doubling of one-syllable nouns
One-syllable nouns are nouns that have one character. They are doubled according to the AA structure. So you need to state a noun twice.
For example:
Everybody likes it
rénrén dōu xĭhuan
Everything is going well
shìshì shùnlì
The doubling of two-syllable nouns
Two syllable nouns are nouns that have two characters. They are doubled according to the AABB structure. Each character is stated twice. The following examples show how to use the double nouns and .
Look at the local mountains and rivers
nĭ kàn zhèr de shānshān shuĭshuĭ
I wish you peace and prosperity each year
zhù nǐ niánnián suìsuì píngpíng ān'ān
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