Meaning of 则

  1. instead, on the contrary
  2. part, paragraph, article (a measure word)
  3. then
  4. rule, regulation
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Sentence examples

ér nánrén zé méiyǒu zhèzhǒng shùfù
men, on the other hand, do not have those confinements
xiànzài de qíngkuàng zé wánquán bùtóng
current situation is however completely different
fùnǚ zé zhǔyào cóngshì liángshí shēngchǎn
women, on the other hand, are mainly engaged in food production
liǎng zé xīn wén
two pieces of news
shìtí sān zé
three sections of the examination card
dìwǔ zé
fifth paragraph
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