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Laoshi is an application for learning Chinese words. Laoshi is managed by Laoshi Inc., a Delaware, USA corporation.

Our legal address: 919 North Market Street, Suite 950, Wilmington, Delaware, USA, 19801.

You can contact the authorized person for the protection of personal data Laoshi, sending a letter to the email address:

Before we explain why, when, how and what personal data Laoshi collects and processes about users, let explain some basic concepts related to the protection of personal data. We believe that this way you will gain a better understanding and awareness of why Laoshi processes the chosen data in the processing of personal data.

  • Personal data
    Personal data is any information about an identified or identifiable individual (data subject). An identifiable individual is an individual that can be directly or indirectly identified, in particular by referring to a specific identifier (name, number, e-mail) or to one or more specific elements of a physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity of the individual.
  • Subject of personal data
    This is an individual to which the personal data relates, and which can be identified by personal data or which is identifiable.
  • Special categories of personal data
    This is a new designation of confidential personal data. It is about such personal data that the data subject alone can cause harm in society, at work, at the university or may lead to its discrimination. Such personal data usually reflects racial or ethnic origin, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership in trade unions, or the processing of genetic and biometric data for the purpose of unique identification of a natural person and data on his health, sexual life or sexual orientation of an individual.
  • Administrator
    The administrator is an individual or legal entity that determines the purposes and means for processing personal data and bears the primary responsibility for processing. If these terms and conditions are not specified for a particular service, the personal data administrator is Laoshi Inc. CEO Sergei Kondrashov.
  • Processor
    This is a natural or legal person who, on the basis of administrator instructions, processes personal data for the administrator.
  • Processing of personal data
    Processing is any operation or set of operations that are performed with personal data or personal data sets using or without using automatic procedures, such as collection, recording, systematisation, structuring, storage, updating or modification, search, viewing, use, access with transfer, distribution or any other provision of access, ordering or combining, limiting, deleting or destroying.
What information do we collect?

Laoshi is an application that helps you learn Chinese words and characters. Use the services that we provide, you can through our official website or through the official app. By registering with Laoshi, you enter into a legal agreement with us and we process your data for providing the service in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

The user can provide the following categories of data: name, email address / link to a personal page on a social network; IP address cookie information; The user can indicate / provide in the appropriate fields (both mandatory and optional) in the application or on the site. A complete list of Personal Data is indicated in the appropriate fields.

In the interest of security and improved user experience, account verification may be required. For verification, we send an email to your email address. This is only necessary to ensure that the email address belongs to you. We use your email address based on the above legitimate interests and to prevent fraud and cybercrime.

Please be careful before sending your email address. Make sure you are on the official site Remember, by indicating your personal data and pressing the "send" button, you consent to their processing and collection under this agreement.

We also want to keep in touch with you, in order to inform you about changes in the work of the service, promotions or about the technical work carried out by our employees. If you agree with this, we will use your email address including to send you such information.

How long does Laoshi keep my data?

In general, we store the personal data received from you until the goals for which they were collected are achieved. If you decide at some point to refuse to process your personal data, you can always do this by writing to e-mail

Сorrespondence with our support team will be kept longer so that we can use it for any subsequent requests that may arise. Such correspondence deleted after 3 years in the absence of requests.

Anonymous information about activity on Laoshi persists longer for statistical data and marketing research, but it does not correlate with you after deleting the profile, that is, becomes anonymous. This is because Laoshi seeks to develop its services and opportunities for more convenient communication and this period is justified by our legitimate interest.

Information such as billing information, IP addresses, e-mail addresses is retained to combat fraud and spam as long as it is relevant. This period is justified by our legitimate interest.
What information Laoshi collects about me, if I am underage person?

Laoshi deliberately does not collect any information about minors. We do not engage or encourage the use of our service by persons under the age of majority without the consent of legal representatives. If we become aware of the registration of a user under the age of majority, the statutory residence of this person and the provision of their personal data, we will take measures to remove such profile and any information about it from Laoshi
With whom Laoshi shares my data?

We can provide third parties, such as analytics services, postal services, hosting providers aggregate information that includes your personal data (but does not directly identify you) together with other information, including third-party data, for market analysis and demographic data to improve our service.

We share your data with the following categories of third parties:

1. IT companies (hardware and software) that provide capacity and other services to support our products.

2. Fraud prevention and anti-spam services to protect the service from criminal activity.

3. Moderators, monitoring the stability of the service.

4. Advertising partners and suppliers of targeted advertising.

5. Law enforcement agencies, if necessary, provide data on the law, as well as to protect life.

6. Services that provide messaging services.

We guarantee that these parties act in accordance with the data protection and confidentiality provisions of this Policy. We do our best to ensure that all data remains as anonymous.

In the event that Laoshi or any of our partners who own your data legally transfers business or changes ownership, for example, due to the takeover by another company or the merger, reorganization or sale of all or part of the assets, as well as in case of insolvency, we can be required to disclose your personal information.
Your rights

Ensuring the protection of your rights and freedoms in the field of personal data is an important condition for the work of Laoshi. In accordance with the legislation on the protection of personal data, you have the right to file a complaint with the data protection regulatory authority. The main office is located at: 919 North Market Street, Suite 950, Wilmington, Delaware, USA, 19801

To protect your rights and freedoms, at your request we:

• confirm whether we process your personal data and provide you with the opportunity to familiarize yourself with them;

• will inform you about the source of receipt and the composition of your personal data that we process;

• inform you about the legal grounds, goals, terms and methods of processing your personal data;

• make the necessary changes to your personal data if you confirm that they are incomplete, inaccurate or irrelevant, within 7 business days from the date of receipt of the confirmation, and notify you of the changes;

• will inform you of the transfer of your personal data that has been carried out or is expected to be cross-border;

• let you know the name and location of organizations that have access to your personal data and to which your personal data may be disclosed with your consent;

• will inform you of the name or surname and address of persons who, with your consent, may be entrusted with the processing of your personal data;

• will notify you of the procedure for exercising your rights when we process your personal data;

• will stop processing your personal data within 30 days from the date of receipt of the withdrawal of consent, if there are no other legal grounds for the processing of personal data provided for by applicable law;

• will stop processing your personal data if it is confirmed that we are processing it illegally, and will notify you of the measures taken;

• will destroy your personal data if it is confirmed that it was illegally obtained or does not meet the stated processing goals, within 7 business days from the date of receipt of the corresponding confirmation, and we will notify you of the measures taken;

You have a number of rights under European Data Protection law if you are an EU citizen. For more information, write to us at
How does Laoshi protect my personal data?

We take the necessary security measures to protect and prevent the loss, misuse and alteration of information under our control, including your personal data. Our technical experts are constantly working to ensure that the service remains safe and secure.

In addition, we always prioritize security during the cross-border transfer of personal data, therefore we can guarantee that foreign states and companies that receive your personal data provide adequate protection for your legal rights and interests on the basis of internal agreements and adopted regulations.

We also take organizational measures, including restricting the access of individuals to your data, conducting access control and organizing checks to identify vulnerabilities. Laoshi takes these measures to ensure that your personal data is protected and that its processing is transparent and in accordance with the laws in this area and the company's internal standards.

While we take reasonable precautions against possible security breaches of our website, member database and records no website or internet transmission is completely secure and we cannot guarantee that unauthorized access, hacking, data loss, or other breaches will never occur. We urge you to take steps to keep your personal data safe (including your password) and to log out of your account after use. If you lose your password or give it out, or another service provider that you use suffers a data breach and you have used the same credentials with that service provider as you have with Laoshi, your personal data may be compromised. If that happens, please report it to us at
Where is my personal information keeping?

To ensure the smooth operation of our service, we use a network of servers outside the European Union. Data collected by our partners can also be stored outside the European Economic Area.

We guarantee that the data will be adequately protected and that such legal schemes as those approved by the EU and by countries in whose territory the software and hardware for confidentiality are located are respected, and reliable contractual standards are implemented. If you want more information about our security measures, please write to us at
OAuth Usage and Google User Data

Laoshi uses OAuth as a means to streamline the sign-in process and to enhance the user experience. OAuth is an open standard for access delegation, commonly used as a way for users to grant websites or applications access to their information on other websites but without giving them the passwords.

How We Use OAuth

• Access and Authentication: When you choose to sign in to Laoshi using your Google account, we use OAuth to authenticate your identity without requiring you to manually enter your Google credentials into our application.

• Data Access: OAuth allows Laoshi to request access to certain relevant information from your Google account. This can include your basic profile information such as your name and email address.

Data Usage

• Personalization and Service Provision: The data accessed via OAuth is used to personalize your experience on Laoshi and to provide you with the services you have requested. For example, your email address might be used for account verification, password recovery, and communication regarding the service.

• No Unnecessary Access: Laoshi only requests and accesses the data necessary for the functioning of the service. We do not access or request access to your Google data beyond what is necessary for these purposes.

Data Storage and Sharing

• Secure Storage: Any data obtained through Google OAuth is stored securely and in accordance with the privacy and data protection standards outlined in this policy.

• No Sharing Without Consent: Laoshi does not share your Google user data with third parties without your explicit consent, except as required by law or as necessary to provide the services you have requested.

User Control and Transparency

• User Consent: The use of OAuth requires your explicit consent for data access. You will be prompted to authorize these permissions the first time you use OAuth to sign in to Laoshi.

• Revoking Access: You can revoke Laoshi's access to your Google data at any time through your Google account settings. Doing so will not affect your ability to use Laoshi, although some features that rely on Google data may no longer function.

Changes to OAuth Usage

• Updates to Policy: If there are any changes to the way Laoshi uses OAuth or accesses, uses, stores, or shares Google user data, we will update this policy accordingly and notify you of these changes.

Links to third party sites

Our service may contain links to third-party sites and services that we do not control. We are not responsible for the security or confidentiality of any information collected by third-party sites or services, and we ask you to be careful when filling out feedback forms on third-party sites.
Privacy Policy Change

Laoshi reserves the right to revise this policy from time to time to reflect its current data processing practices. We can update the Policy as necessary. We recommend that you periodically check the relevance of this Policy. Continuing to use our service after changing the Policy, you confirm your agreement with the changes.
This Privacy Policy was last updated on 29 January 2024
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