the teacher's main tool for teaching Chinese

Help your students achieve results, find new students, and make more money.

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interact with your students

Create word lists and share them with your students and the Community.
Students can follow you on Laoshi and see your new word lists. We will mark the words, which a student has learned, from your list. Your students will think of you when revising vocabulary.

motivate your students

People often quit learning Chinese because of the large number of new words that must be learned.
Our goal is to help you with learning new words and characters. Recommend Laoshi to your students and create word lists to share with them. Your students will find it easier to learn vocabulary and study Chinese.
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find new students

There are 1,500 people who use Laoshi every day and 15,000 who use it every month. Many of our users search for word lists, are interested in finding specialized courses, or are looking for a teacher.
Increase your income and find new clients by creating interesting word lists and becoming popular in the Laoshi Community.
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we offer collaborations with interesting content creators

If you have written a textbook, a course, or some interesting lesson plans based on a book or TV series, you can create word lists in Laoshi and insert a QR-code with a direct link to your content.

And we'll add extra free features for your clients.

upload your existing word lists into Laoshi

Send us your word lists from Quizlet, Pleco, and other apps; and we will move them into your Laoshi account for free.

why is it effective?

Our technology is engaging and motivates you to use the app.
It's more convenient to learn new words in the app than writing them on paper. You can study on your commute, while waiting in line or during a break. Students will study vocabulary more often as your smartphone is always with you.

how people learn Chinese vocabulary

We have done the research: most learners of Chinese write out characters on paper many times on a regular basis and use paper flashcards.

several apps for one task

Learners and teachers of Chinese most often use apps such as Quizlet, Anki and TrainChinese

we have it all
in one app

of Chinese can

we're creating an app with a focus on Mandarin Chinese

Download Laoshi to learn about its features for free.
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we use evidence-based techniques

We have tested different methods for learning Chinese vocabulary and characters, and chose to stick with the two most widely recognized ones.

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We know you will like it.
It's free for teachers and learners. We would be happy to answer your questions and tell you more about Laoshi. Contact us via email or Zoom.