Modal verbs 肯, 敢 and 情愿
Modal verbs (情态动词) can be used to express possibility, desire, ability, and necessity. Modal verbs cannot appear without a predicate and can only appear in predicate phrases.
expresses a desire to do something. Unlike and , it has a connotation of approval or agreement with something. It can be used in different situations: 1) expresses a desire to do something. Sometimes it conveys that in order to perform an action, you must overcome certain difficulties.
Even then, she still refused to admit her mistake
shènzhì dào nà shí tā háishì bù kěn rèncuò
2) expresses a willingness to do something in response to someone else's request or demand.
He is ready to help
tā hěn kěn bāngmáng
The negative answer to the question with 肯 may be short as a phrase — 不肯. However the positive answer must be detailed.
Pay attention
There is no short answer form of ”肯“.
您肯不肯宽恕我?—— 不肯
Will you forgive me? — No
nín kěn bù kěn kuānshù wǒ — bù kěn
您肯不肯宽恕我?—— 我肯宽恕你
Will you forgive me? — I will forgive you
nín kěn bù kěn kuānshù wǒ — wǒ kěn kuānshù nǐ
expresses having the courage and boldness to perform an action.
How dare you say that!
nǐ zěnme gǎn zhème shuō
I don’t dare go there at night
wǒ bù gǎn wǎnshàng qù nàr
Unlike the other modal verbs, to make the negation with 敢, we can use either the particle or the particle in cases where we are talking about the result. Sometimes we can make the double negative as 不敢不.
I don’t dare enter
wǒ méi gǎn jìnqù
I don’t dare disagree
wǒ bù gǎn bù tóngyì
The modal verb is used to express a forced choice between two undesirable options. It shows “the lesser of two evils”.
I would rather die than drink this bitter medicine
wǒ qíngyuàn sǐ, yě bù hē nà kǔ yào
In a negative sentence, this verb shows extreme reluctance to do something. In this case, we should use the particle after 情愿.
He was extremely reluctant to accept my order
tā fēicháng bù qíngyuàn de jiēshòu le wǒ de mìnglìng
Pay attention
Other than the verb 敢, the negative form of these modal verbs can only be formed with the negative particle 不. We cannot use the negative particle 没 with them.
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