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Laoshi helps to learn Chinese words and characters. Choose your favourite textbook, subject list or HSK. Use spaced repetition system to remember words for long. Don't waste your time making flashcards and paper notes.
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To help you use words in the correct context, we provide different examples of how words are used in sentences.

learn how to use each word in the correct context

There's a pre-made vocabulary list for every lesson. All you have to do is study the words and Laoshi will do the rest

vocabulary lists from over 130 Chinese language textbooks

Writing out a character in the app is far more efficient for memorizing new words than simply copying it on paper many times in a row

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Laoshi features:

More than 40,000 words

In Laoshi, we have over 40,000 words in both simplified and traditional characters, with meaning, usage examples and stroke order.

See some samples:

Meaning of 准备
Meaning of 老师
Meaning of 考试
Meaning of 密码