With Laoshi, your Chinese vocabulary will grow quickly and efficiently.
Smart flashcards, SRS and progress tracking.
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repeat words and learn the language
Using our unique smart flashcard system, Laoshi simplifies the process of learning Chinese by emphasizing repetition, a key element of successful learning.
SRS - your key to learning Chinese efficiently
Laoshi's Spaced Repetition System is a scientific approach to language learning. It determines the ideal time to review words, helping you learn them faster.
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6 months
wrong answer
correct answer
modern approach to learning
Forget about paper, practice reading and writing in the app instead. Learn how to use each word in its proper context.
ready-made word lists
Pick and study word lists covering all HSK levels, as well as lists from popular apps and Chinese textbooks. We have topic-specific word lists curated by teachers worldwide.
set goals and keep
track of your progress
Select HSK level you want to achieve or how many words you want to learn daily. Stay motivated and share your progress with friends.
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