The A就A pattern
This structure can be used to express the attitude of “I don’t care either way”.
In the structure , "A" is replaced with identical words or phrases. This structure expresses humility, concession or condescension. The particle is often added to the structure.
Pay attention
Place a comma after the structure.
It doesn't matter if you lose it. We'll just buy a new one
diū le jiù diū le ba, wǒmen mǎi yí ge xīn de jiù kěyǐ le
The important thing is to finish, no matter if it's slow
màn jiù màn ba, zuòwán le jiù kěyǐ
This structure is also used to indicate a choice. In this case, both variants are stated in turn. For example "if agree — then agree, if no — then no". At the beginning of a sentence, you can add the following words that indicate a suggestion: , .
Pay attention
In this case, the particle 吧 cannot be used.
If you agree then you agree; if you disagree then you disagree. Either way you have to express your position
tóngyì jiù tóngyì, fǎnduì jiù fǎnduì, nǐmen bìxū biǎotài
If you like it, then you like it; if you don't like it, then you don't like it. So why don't you tell us?
rúguǒ xǐhuan jiù xǐhuan, rúguǒ bù xǐhuan jiù bù xǐhuan, nǐ zěnme shuō bu chūlái ne
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