How to make negative sentences with 并 and 根本
The adverbs and are used to emphasize a negation. They are placed before predicate with negative adverb, such as , and . They are translated as "definitely", "(not) at all" and "completely".
Pay attention
The adverb 根本 emphasizes a negation with more emotional coloring than 并.
I don't agree at all!
wǒ bìng bù tóngyì
Sorry, I didn't mean that at all
bàoqiàn, wǒ bìng méiyǒu shuō zhè ge yìsi
This is totally wrong!
gēnběn bú duì
He didn't think about my feelings at all
tāmen gēnběn méi kǎolǜ shíjiān
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