The structures 让你…你就… and 叫你…你就…
We use this structures to tell a person to do something in a commanding tone or in a rude manner.
The structures and have the same meaning: “when someone tells you to do something, you must do it”. We only use this pattern in colloquial speech.
Pay attention
In the structure, we should put a verb or a verb phrase in place of the ellipsis.
If they tell you to do it, you must do it. Don't think about the rest
jiào nǐ zuò nǐ jiù zuò, qítā de nǐ bié guǎn
Eat when you are told to eat, and don't waste food
ràng nǐ chīfàn nǐ jiù chīfàn, bié làngfèi shíwù
You were told to come back, so come back. Don't make me angry
ràng nǐ huíqù nǐ jiù huíqù ba, bié ràng wǒ shēngqì
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