The structure A是它, B也是它
The structure has the literal meaning “...whether, ...or”. If "A" and "B" are replaced with adjectives, this structure has this meaning: whatever feature a subject possesses, it cannot be changed and will remain the same.
It doesn’t matter whether it is good or bad, you have no other choice but to do it
hǎo shì tā, huài yě shì tā, nǐ méiyǒu biéde bànfǎ
If "A" and "B" are replaced with verbs, the structure has this meaning: the action may or may not happen, but we can’t influence whether it happens or not.
Pay attention
"A" and "B" should have the opposite meanings.
He may or may not come. All we can do is wait
tā lái shì tā, bù lái yě shì tā, wǒmen zhǐyào děng zhe
It doesn’t matter whether we win or lose. We just have to try. We have no other choice
yíng shì tā, shū yěshì tā, wǒmen méi yǒu biéde xuǎnzé, zhǐyào nǔlì
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