Phrases with the structure 半A半B
Phrases with the structure indicate that both statements are not completely true. In the structure, "A" and "B" are replaced by either monosyllabic verbs or monosyllabic adjectives with opposite meanings. These morphemes often cannot be used independently.
Pay attention
Phrases with the structure 半A半B are set expressions that need to be memorized.
Here are some examples of these set expressions:
His replies were full of half-truths, you shouldn't trust him implicitly
tā shuōhuà bàn zhēn bàn jiǎ, nǐ bú yào wánquán xiāngxìn tā
I could hardly believe my ears when I suddenly heard the news about tomorrow's holiday
túrán tīngdào míngtiān fàngjià de xiāoxi, wǒ yìzhí bàn xìn bàn yí
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