Expressing “forget about it” with 别提了
We use the introductory phrase to express that we don't want to say something or continue a topic.
Forget about it, really. It's okay
bié tí le, zhēn de, méi shénme shì
Forget about it, he has deceived me many times
bié tí le, tā piàn le wǒ hǎo jǐ cì
Sometimes 别提了 can also be translated as “no need to say more”. We use it when agreeing with our interlocutor.
No need to say more, I know he's a despicable coward
bié tí le, tā jiù shì ge kěbǐ de nuòfū
No need to say more, it’s terrible how she’d dare do such a thing?
bié tí le, tā zěnme gǎn zhèyàng zuò
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