The adverbs 多 and 多么
Adverbs of degree (程度副词) are used to intensify or modify the degree of an adjective (or verb): very, really, extremely.
Apart from meaning “a lot”, can act as an adverb of degree. When placed before adjectives, 多 has the meaning “quite”, “really”, “how”. It gives a sentence an intonation of exclamation.
Pay attention
The particle or the particle is often placed at the end of a sentence.
Your son is tall enough
nǐmen de érzi yǐjīng duō gāo
Misha’s level of speaking is really good
mǐshān de kǒuyǔ duō hǎo a
In this sense, the adverb can also be used to mean “how..!", "such..!”.
Pay attention
In spoken language, it is pronounced as .
Such beautiful scenery here!
zhèlǐ de fēngjǐng duōme piàoliang
Look, how cool he is doing it!
nǐ kàn rénjiā zuò de duōme hǎo a
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