The 要A有A,要B有B structure
The structure emphasizes that a person gets what he wants. "A" and "B" are replaced with nouns. A subject is placed before the whole structure.
If he wants to succeed, he’ll succed. If he wants a good image, he’ll get one
tā yào chéngjī yǒu chéngjī, yào xíngxiàng yǒu xíngxiàng
有 is often replaced with the negative determiner as a shorter version of 没有 "not to have". In this case, the structure has the meaning: "to want "A", but to not have it, "to want "B", but to not have it".
He wants to be smart and educated, but he can’t be
tā yào xuélì méi xuélì, yào zhìhuì méi zhìhuì
He wanted to succeed, but he failed. He wanted to be healthy, but he failed again
tā yào chénggōng méi chénggōng, yào shēntǐ jiànkāng méi shēntǐ jiànkāng
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