The modal particle 矣
A modal particle (语气词) is a function word that adds additional semantic meanings to the sentence or emotionally colors it. It is usually placed at the end of a sentence.
We use the modal particle to emphasize a categorical judgment. It is used in written speech.
It is enough to have one soulmate in life
rénshēng de yì zhījǐ zú yǐ
He has a lot of ideas
tā de xiǎngfǎ kěwèi duō yǐ
We also can use 矣 instead of . It indicates the completion of an action or shows that the situation has changed and new circumstances have arisen.
It took a long time to prepare this case
cĭ shì zhŭnbèi jiŭ yĭ
Wang has gotten old
wáng lǎo yǐ
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