The modal verb 得以
Modal verbs (情态动词) can be used to express possibility, desire, ability, and necessity. Modal verbs cannot appear without a predicate and can only appear in predicate phrases.
We use the modal verb to express possibility. We usually use this verb when referring to a completed action.
Pay attention
得以 usually is used in written speech.
He was able to try out all the new software
tā déyǐ shìyòng le suǒyǒu de xīn ruǎnjiàn
He was able to buy back his watch from the pawn shop
tā déyǐ cóng dàngpù shú huí tā de biǎo
I was able to drive the newest car
wǒ déyǐ jiàshǐ zuì xīnshì de chē
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