A double negation with 无不
“There is not...who doesn’t...”
is used to make sentences like "There’s not a day I don’t think about it" or "There’s not a man who doesn’t like sweets". This collocation has the meaning "everybody", "everyone without exception".
Pay attention
无不 is used in written speech.
There’s not a single tree or blade of grass in the village I wouldn’t know
cūnlǐ de yì cǎo yí mù wǒ wú bù shúxī
After seeing such a tragic picture, every single person cried
jiàn cǐ cǎnzhuàng, wú bú luò lèi
They all trembled when they heard the news
tīngdào xiāoxi tāmen wú bú zhànzhànjīngjīng
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