Phrases with the​​ structure 一A百A
Phrases with the structure emphasize that if an event happens in a certain way once, then it will happen again in the future. In the structure, "A" is replaced with either a one-syllable adjective or verb.
Pay attention
These are the set expressions that you need to remember.
If we remove this obstacle, the project will go smoothly
sǎoqīng zhè ge zhàng'ài, zhè xiàng gōngchéng jiù yí shùn bǎi shùn le
Be careful! If this number is wrong, everything else will be wrong too
yídìng yào xiǎoxīn, yídàn zhè ge shùzì cuò le, jiù yí cuò bǎi cuò le
You can forget about this case now. It’s over
xiànzài zhěnggè shìqíng dōu jiéshù le, yì liǎo bǎi liǎo
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