The adverb 顿时 "suddenly"
The adverb indicates that an action was sudden and happened very quickly. It is most often used with verbs that express feelings, mental activity, emergence, and disappearance. For example: to get excited, to become tense, to be filled with life, to sound.
Pay attention
顿时 is used in written language.
The atmosphere suddenly became tense
qìfēn dùnshí jǐnzhāng le qǐlái
The adverb 顿时 can be placed either at the beginning of a sentence or in the middle of a sentence. It is placed before a predicate expressed by either a verb or an adjective.
A quiet mountain village suddenly filled with life
jìjìng de shāncūn, dùnshí fèiténg qǐlái
The classroom fell silent for a moment
jiàoshì lǐ dùnshí ānjìng xiàlái
Suddenly my weakness disappeared
dùnshí, wǒ de juàn yì xiāoshī le
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