The structure 不…也…
The structure is used to make sentences like "I'd rather give up one thing to do something else".
The structure is used to express that one action will be done, even if another action has to be sacrificed. The subject is placed at the beginning of a sentence before the construction. 不 and 也 are followed by predicates expressed by verbs.
action 1
action 2
Pay attention
Action 1 is usually the action that a person sacrifices for Action 2.
I'd rather finish my thesis than sleep
wǒ bú shuìjiào yě yào xiěwán wǒ de lùnwén
I'd rather help him than rest
wǒ bù xiūxi yě yào bāngzhù tā
He'd rather play computer games than do his homework
tā bú zuò zuòyè yě wán diànnǎo
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