The structure 在…方面
"In terms of..."
The structure is used to comment on an idea or a concept. For example: "our country is weak in politics" or "she has no peer in customer service".
abstract concept
Pay attention
A concept can be expressed by a noun, a verb or a phrase.
I have a lot of experience in learning foreign languages
wǒ zài xuéxí wàiyǔ fāngmiàn yǒu hěn dà de jīngyàn
The structure can be placed either before the subject or after the subject. If it is placed before the subject, it should be separated by a comma.
Egypt has a lot of economic problems
zài jīngjì fāngmiàn, āijí yǒu hěn duō wèntí
教育方面, 我们大学很厉害
In terms of education, our university is great
zài jiàoyù fāngmiàn, wǒmen dàxué hěn lìhai
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