The structure 一…比一…
With the structure we compare an object to itself at different time periods. In English we can express this as well, for example: “the weather is getting better day by day”, “the exam is getting harder every time”. In Chinese we should state the subject at the beginning of the sentence. It is should be followed by a combination of the word “一” and a measure word.
一 measure word
一 measure word
Pay attention
We usually state the structure in the second part of the sentence, which should be separated with a comma.
You play basketball really well. You’re getting better and better every time
nǐ dǎ lánqiú dǎ de tài lìhài le, yí cì bǐ yí cì hǎo
More and more people exercise every year
yùndòng de rén, yì nián bǐ yì nián duō
We can also use this structure to compare similar objects that are united by some common feature.
These girls — each one is more beautiful than the previous one
zhè xiē nǚháizi, yí ge bǐ yí ge piàoliang
Her songs are becoming more and more touching
tā de gēr, yì shǒu bǐ yì shǒu gǎndòng
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