Phrases with the structure 非A非B
"Neither... nor..."
Phrases with the structure are set expressions that need to be memorized. In the structure, we replace "A" and "B" with words that have similar meanings. Here are some examples of these set expressions: (neither ass nor horse) (neither a relative nor a friend)
Pay attention
In the above structure, "A" and "B" can be replaced with nouns, adjectives or pronouns.
That avant-garde building is neither fish nor fowl. It’s difficult to classify and not suitable for this area
zhè zuò qiánwèi de jiànzhù bú shìhé gāi dìqū, fēi yā fēi fèng
The director of this film is neither you nor me. It's him
zhè bù diànyǐng de dǎoyǎn fēi nǐ fēi wǒ, jiù shì tā
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